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CrediBook is a pure 100% Indonesian tech startup aiming to assist Indonesian MSMEs in adapting technology for their business management. We provide various products and services that allow business owners to manage their business through digital technology; from order management to financial recording. We aim to expand nationwide and reach more business sectors. Join us in a journey through the sea of adventures and opportunities in shaping the future of Indonesian MSMEs landscape.

More about CrediBook

  • We are diverse. We accept and embrace individual differences, we never put any irrelevant variable as differentiation. In CrediBook, you can only be different because of your attitude and skills.
  • We are transparent, our management won't let you in the dark, we don't have any stupid hidden agenda. We'll let you know if you do good, as well as if you do bad. In CrediBook, you'll only say things about fellow CrediCrew, things you'll say to their face.
  • We are a genuine Startup, not startup-like or startup-wannabe company. We are small, fast paced, innovative, dare to take risk, and full of young and high spirited individuals.
  • We are not your typical utopian startup. We dream but we are realistic, we grow but we don't take scaling up lightly, because want to solve problem, not to make one.
  • We are customer and product focused, not impression or media coverage focused. Our focus lies on our products and services, and we put our effort, time and money accordingly.

Who We Are


Our crews are a bunch of people with the curiosity of a cat and the eagerness to learn like a student.


Our crews are composed enough to know that there’s no room for drama in the sea.


Each of our crew knows that it takes a village to run the ship - and the importance of doing their part well.

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The Best CrediCrew
Regina Venska Ardiana
Product Manager

Being part of CrediBook is one of the best choices I ever made. Here with the 5 CrediValues that perfectly sums up values needed for a comfortable workplace, We have a chance to learn, improve, and share our knowledge to others. I love being part of this team and it means a lot that my hard work and dedication are recognized. I hope in 2023 all CrediCrew can grow stronger!

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